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High-tech products seem to mesmerize the fitness industry. Smart mirrors are the latest high-tech products that are creating quite a buzz in the market. Echelon Reflect and Tonal are two of the most popular smart workout mirrors out there.

It’s not easy to choose between these two products since both products come with their own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you need to be cautious when choosing the best smart workout mirror from these two products.

Your personal fitness needs and budget will play an important part in this regard. This article provides a comprehensive review of Echelon Reflect and Tonal to help facilitate your buying decision.

Features Battle: Does Reflect or Tonal Have More to Offer?

Echelon Reflect Features

a customer does a workout with the Echelon Reflect Touch

Echelon Reflect is a state of the art home gym system that uses the smart mirror interface. It’s nothing more than a mirror when turned off but becomes immediately functional when turned on. The product is easy to manage and has a sleek design so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the wall.

The mirror comes in two models such as Reflect 40 and Reflect 50 Touch. You can opt for the best-suited product depending on your fitness needs.

You can play around with different workouts offered by this product. It has customized settings and a built-in leaderboard to gain feedback.

The Reflect smart mirror is integrated with the Echelon Experience app which you can access for a monthly fee. The app provides a long list of features including live fitness classes, real-time data, and pre-recorded workouts.

Installing the product is easy since it takes only a few minutes to hang up on the wall. As soon as you turn on the Reflect smart mirror, you will have access to a list of workouts to choose from. The user can go up to the screen and toggle through with his or her hands when you have purchased the Reflect Touch 50.

The user can pick and choose between the fitness programs without using a remote control.

The user can sign-up with the Echelon Experience app for a monthly fee and gain access to other workouts that are associated with the company. Once the app is integrated with the smart mirror, the user will be able to sift through numerous live (on-demand) as well as pre-recorded workouts.

Make sure that there is enough space to complete different workouts when using the Reflect smart mirror.

Available Workouts

  • Cardio
  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • Pilates
  • Core
  • Zumba
  • Stretching
  • Barre
  • Meditation
  • Tone

Reflect 40 and Reflect 50 Touch are the most popular models of Echelon Reflect. Both these models offer similar features such as live one-on-one training with subscription, reflect leaderboard, real-time stats, and heart-track technology.

The exception is Reflect Tough 50 offers touchscreen capability while Reflect 40 uses a remote control to sift through the various fitness programs.

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Tonal Features

a man uses his Tonal

The Tonal system isn’t cheap. But the product comes with a weight room’s worth of equipment and a virtual personal trainer.

All this is offered in one sleek streamlined mirror that can be mounted to the wall. The equipment has up to 200 pounds of resistance and hundreds of moves to work out your core, upper body, and lower body. The smart mirror has artificial intelligence to set the weights for you.

It will track your reps and progress in real-time. The machine offers a wide variety of fun and highly effective workouts including HIIT, yoga, and resistance training. It has knowledgeable trainers with motivating music.

The Tonal system is perfect for adults – 18 years and above. The company says that teenagers over 15 years could use the machine with adult supervision. You have to pay additional for the accessories such as smart handles, rope, and smart bar. The product uses a special T-lock system to connect the accessories with the machine.

There is no use of buying the Tonal without the accessories because you need the accessories to use the machine. The company will provide the T-lock adapters to connect the accessories to the machine. You need to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the company’s library of on-demand workouts.

The product uses electricity and magnets to digitize weights. The 24-inch touchscreen lets you browse and play workouts. The system has adjustable arms on each side to connect smart handles, the rope, and smart bars.

The machine offers 200 pounds of resistance and supports over 170 lower and upper body moves. Some of the workouts include goblet squat, barbell glute bridge, standing incline press, inline chop, and more. When you first sign into Tonal, you should create an account using the on-screen keyboard. Enter details such as your weight, height, gender, and skill level.

Next, you should select the primary and secondary goals. The initial workout will be a strength assessment. The instructor will take you through a brief warmup and let you complete practice rounds of several movements to teach you how to use Tonal.

Tonal offers a wide range of on-demand beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout programs created by experts. The workouts will range from 15 minutes or less to 40 minutes and more. You can browse the programs by coach, duration, skill level, goal, and category.

Workout Battle: Is Tonal or Reflect Better?

Echelon Reflect offers 100+ live classes and on-demand classes to keep you motivated throughout the day and week. The workouts range from cardio, strength training, boxing, yoga, Pilates, core, barre, Zumba, meditation, and more.

On the other hand, Tonal thinks that strength training is the foundation of any fitness routine. It facilitates weight loss, healthy bones, and prevents injuries. Some of the numerous training programs offered by Tonal include strength training, cardio classes, yoga, partner workouts, custom workouts, and more.

Tonal offers a wide range of on-demand workout programs created by experts for all skill levels. Knowledgeable trainers are motivating music are some of the salient features of a Tonal smart mirror.

Price Comparison: What’s More Affordable?

Echelon Reflect is the cheaper option of the two smart mirrors reviewed here. The starting price of Reflect 40 is around $1,039.98 + the monthly subscription.

The Reflect 50 Touch is priced at $1,639.98 + monthly subscription. On the other hand, the Tonal smart mirror is priced at $2,995 + $495 for the accessories + monthly subscription.

If you are looking for a cheaper smart mirror that offers a host of workout programs, you should opt for the Echelon Reflect. In fact, the cheapest option is by far the Echelon Reflect, and even their higher-end Reflect 50 Touch model is much cheaper than the Tonal smart mirror.

Make sure you opt for the right product depending on your fitness needs and budget.


If you’re looking for the cheaper of the two, Echelon Reflect is the mirror to start with.

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Summary: Which Mirror Should You Buy?

reflect is head to head winner

High-tech workout gadgets are mesmerizing the fitness industry. The latest high-tech fitness product is the smart mirror.

Smart mirrors help to take your fitness experience to the next level. It motivates you to work out every day with live and on-demand workout programs designed by experts in the industry. Echelon Reflect and Tonal are two of the most popular smart mirrors on the market today.

Both of them are great options to choose from. They have their own pros and cons.

Our Overall Winner?

If we had to choose between these two smart mirrors, we will go with the Echelon Reflect because of its more attractive pricing point. Echelon provides a wide range of workout options (on-demand and live) for the low price point.

Echelon also offers a wider range of fitness options that one could pair with their Reflect including exercise bikes and a rower.