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In the world of connected treadmills, there have been several great options, but they’re rather expensive. Fortunately, a new player has joined the competition and it’s called the Echelon Stride.

It brings what you’d expect from Echelon – makers of the EX line of bikes, the Echelon Reflect, and a Smart Rower. They’re one of the top players in the connected fitness world, and they’ve now added an impressive treadmill to their fleet.

In this Echelon Stride review¬†we’ll be taking a close look at this new treadmill, so you can decide it’s worth adding to your home gym.

Ready to go? Great, let’s get started…

How Does the Echelon Stride Work?

a side profile picture of the Echelon Stride Treadmill

The Echelon Stride works just like an other treadmill – it features adjustable speed, incline, and an easy fold system for quick storage. The one thing that makes it different from many other treadmills on the market is the fact that you can stream live and on demand workouts using the Echelon Fit app.

This makes it much more than your standard tread – in fact, you could call it a “Smart” or “Connected” treadmill because of its ability to be used alongside the Echelon app.

Learn more and check Stride price at Echelon website.

Does it Come with a Built-in Screen?

No, to stream Echelon workouts, you will need a tablet or device. That’s what helps keep the Echelon Stride more affordable than the competition, though, and they have a convenient tablet rack mounted to the treadmill console.

Does it Fold for Storage – What their Auto-Fold Feature is all About

The Echelon Stride features something they call “auto-fold” technology. Unlike some of the other connected treadmills out there, the Stride is designed to take up minimal space in your home gym. This is the perfect solution for those of us who are tight on space, or just don’t want a large piece of fitness equipment on display 24-7.

Once folded, the stride is only 10 inches deep, so it can literally be stored away in the tightest of spaces. Get in a heart-pumping live or on demand workouts, and then quickly and easy use the auto-fold function to get your treadmill put out of the way – or leave it out to show off your friends :).

How the Stride Streaming Workouts Work (Live & On Demand)

If you decide to purchase an Echelon Stride, you’ll have to opportunity to also purchase access to the Echelon Fit app. The more months you purchase in advance, gives you a better deal on the monthly app price.

With the app, you can stream awesome treadmill workouts from the tablet of your choice. Simply mount the tablet on the included rack, and you’re ready to start your workouts.

Workout options:

  • Live Classes
  • On Demand Classes
  • Top-Rated Fitness Instructors Lead Your Workout Experience
  • Running, Walking, Strength Training, Biking, Rowing and more
  • Option to Compete with your Friends and Family

When you have an Echelon app subscription you get access to a variety of workout options. Of course, if you want to take part in a rowing or biking workout, it helps to have a bike or rower, but the point is you have lots of workout options via a single app subscription and monthly fee.

Can You Use the Stride without an Echelon App Subscription?

Yes, the stride works as a standalone treadmill, should you choose to not take part in their instructor-led workout classes. That’s definitely a great option for some, or those who want to save a few bucks, but we think you’ll love the Echelon Fit Community, their top-quality instructors, and the option to take part in a workout class at home. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide if you want to join the Echelon Fit app and community.


As we mentioned already, the Echelon Stride is made with space and easy storage in mind. It’s compact, eye-catching, and takes up minimal space when stored or when it’s being used.

Here’s a closer look at some of the key Stride measurements:

  • Only 10 Inches Deep when Folded
  • Max Incline 10%
  • 12 Incline Options
  • Minimum Speed of .5 MPH
  • Maximum Speed of 12 MPH
  • Total Machine Weight: 156 LBS
  • Tread Surface Dimensions: 55 inches by 20 inches
  • Impact Absorbing Frame-Balanced Elastomer Deck Suspension

How Much Does it Cost?

The Stride starts at $1,338.99, plus the cost of an app subscription should you decide you want to take part in the Echelon fitness classes. Check current pricing options at the Echelon website.

Echelon does offer financing packages for those who qualify, so if you don’t want to pay for your Stride up front, you can spread out the total cost via monthly payments. Based on the current price of the Stride monthly payments start at $62, and are spread out over a 36 month term. You can purchase the Stride with no money down, with their financing options.

Real Customer Testimonials

The Stride is literally brand new, so Echelon just started shipping this treadmill. As such, they haven’t had a chance to gather any verified customer testimonials about the Stride yet. That doesn’t mean they won’t have a large body of reviews to share in the very near future though, and we’ll be sure to let you know what customers are saying as soon as we see the reviews coming in.

Summary: Tips for Deciding if You Should Buy the Stride

If you’re looking for a connected treadmill experience then I think it’s safe to put the Stride near the top of your short list. It offers plenty of amazing features, has a stunning design, and takes up minimal space.

On top of that, it works flawlessly with the Echelon Fit app, so you can take part in a variety of classes, led by some of the best fitness instructors on the planet.

While we think the features of the Stride are enough to make it worth considering, where are a few other factors that may help you decide if it’s the right treadmill for you:

Why You may Want to Buy the Stride:

  • It’s Auto-Fold Technology Makes Storage a Breeze
  • Small Footprint: Only 10 Inches Deep When Folded
  • Compact: Doesn’t Take Up Much Space When Being Used
  • You Want to Take Part in Echelon’s Fitness Classes from the Comfort of Home
  • You Want a Compact, Connected Treadmill That’s Actually Affordable