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Wondering if the Schwinn IC4 or Peloton is the right exercise bike for you?

Going to a gym is not the defining reason why people lose weight or manage to get in shape. It is all about motivation and being driven to succeed. And as more individuals make this connection, they realize it is cheaper and more convenient to exercise at home. Hence the rising popularity of equipment like exercise bikes. Especially when these exercise bikes come with integrated fitness apps. Now, it is easier than ever to stay on top of your progress without a personal trainer.

But where do you start shopping for a good exercise bike? This is exactly what this review will help you with. By comparing two of the best-selling models, namely the Schwinn IC4 vs the Peloton, you are bound to learn several interesting things. For example, the Peloton bike has been dominating the market for a while.

But the Schwinn IC4 is regarded as the best alternative if you are working on a tight budget.

It should be noted that both bikes come highly recommended. In other words, both are very durable and give users different options. More importantly, both can help you burn calories quickly. But your personal taste, along with how much you are willing to spend, is likely to be the deciding factor.

Features Comparison

The great thing about comparing top-quality exercise bikes is how they establish what you should be looking for. In this case, the Peloton bike takes the edge where “quality” is concerned. However, the IC4 model trails incredibly close.

Starting with the elements that are shared between the two bikes, compactness is definitely one of them. Neither model takes up too much unnecessary space, and they are easy to set up. In terms of drive, once again, you can depend on both to provide all the drive you require.

But the following feature comparison should clear things up.

Peloton Pros:

  • 21.5-inch touch screen that allows for on-demand streaming, which is why the Peloton model is particularly popular
  • Welded steel frame provides great durability and stability while featuring a stylish finish
  • Handlebars and saddle are adjustable for a more comfortable spin session
  • Tap directly into the Peloton exercise membership via the screen, where you can choose between the most innovative workouts from experienced Peloton trainers
  • A diverse range of resistance levels connected to a magnetic flywheel

It is safe to say that the developers of the Peloton paid attention to detail. They know what spinners like, and all the extras, like the on-demand workouts, make the bike more interactive and fun to use. Plus, the above features do not cover all the factors that help the bike to stand out in the market.

Schwinn IC4 Pros:

  • 40-pound flywheel that operates very quietly, while giving a challenging workout
  • Dual-link pedals that feature a dynamic and ergonomic design, and they are comfortable
  • Connect your bike with your smart devices via integrated Bluetooth
  • Use a smartphone, tv, or tablet to log into the Peloton exercise program
  • 100 micro levels of resistance to work with
  • Compact design with welded steel frame
  • Great price

Even though Peloton enjoys a strong reputation thanks to the fitness app, Schwinn IC4 is not exactly new. In fact, Schwinn is responsible for a wide range of fitness equipment. And this explains all the insight that went into the IC4 without adding a big price tag.

At face value, the Peloton exercise bike is the smarter model. You can also trust the quality design of the bike to last you for several years. The Schwinn IC4 model, on the other hand, lives up to many of the features associated with the Peloton.

It can make your sessions demanding thanks to the range of resistance levels, and it will stay functional for years to come.

Live and On-Demand Workout Comparison

The most distinct difference between the exercise bikes (excluding the price) has to be the on-demand workouts. As mentioned, the Peloton comes with the famous app built-in.

It is just a matter of you getting a membership and streaming specific workouts, regardless of what time it might be. Another point that has been mentioned in the feature comparison is the experienced trainers working with Peloton. These are the people that guide you through intense and effective sessions.

It is also worth mentioning that the library of workouts continues to expand.

As for the Schwinn IC4 model, it is necessary to add a smart device if you want to utilize apps like Peloton. But then you can look at other apps too, seeing as the IC4 bike integrates with most fitness apps.

These include another popular app, namely Zwift. And what about tracking apps? Apple Health and Google Fit are just some of the apps you can integrate with an IC4 exercise bike.

Essentially, the IC4 never limits you to an app you might not feel comfortable with. Even though the Schwinn IC4 requires a smart device to pair with, you can still participate in many different fitness classes.

Either way, you get access to fitness software and trackers, which enhance the overall experience.

Price Comparison: Which Bike is Cheaper?

It will not be surprising if you have been leaning towards the Peloton bike during this review. The design is slightly more stylish, and the big touch screen alone can change your mind. But when you start comparing prices, the IC4 takes the prize without even trying.

The Peloton packages start around $1,850 when you purchase directly from the site. This is the basics package that only includes the bike and home delivery.

A Schwinn IC4 is going to cost you around $799, making it the more affordable choice by far. The best part is that the construction and design of this particular exercise bike manage to live up to the high-end brands, such as Peloton. But at the fraction of the cost.

Check current Schwinn prices at their website.

Summary: Which Bike is Best?

In light of staying objective, the Peloton does stand out. On top of the integrated app, the adjustable handlebars and saddle ensure a very smooth ride. It also presents well and motivates users to get on for a spin. There is simply no getting past the overall quality of this exercise bike. But is it really worth such a steep price?

When looking at the IC4, the Peloton sounds more than a little expensive. Especially when you consider what you get. Ultimately, the Schwinn IC4 can easily be compared to the Peloton, just without the bells and whistles. It might not look as modern or stylish, but it remains a strong competitor.

So, if you feel like you cannot put a price on fitness, you will not be disappointed with the Peloton model. But if you are looking for the same quality exercise bike at a much lower price point, you cannot go wrong with the Schwinn IC4. It can serve you just as well, but without breaking the bank.

Remember that consistency is the key to success. And by using a good exercise bike along with an effective app, you can reach your goals much quicker than you think.

Whether you go with the Schwinn IC4 or the Peloton, beginners and advanced spinners should find it suitable for the occasion.