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With home exercise equipment sales booming right now, you may find yourself looking for your own. While home fitness equipment used to be relatively expensive across the board, there have been a lot of brands committed to making this type of equipment more accessible at a better price.

Two of the most well known budget-friendly brands are Schwinn and Sunny Health and Fitness.

As someone who is looking for the most value for your money, you will likely be choosing from either of these brands. Luckily, they offer incredible value for the money and you don’t get the same expected quality sacrifices with either.

However, because both are well known for producing great products, it can be rather difficult choosing between them.

Throughout this article, we will be going over information about the two competing brands which should have you prepared to make a well-informed purchasing decision by the end.

Sunny vs Schwinn: Equipment Options

Schwinn Fitness Options

schwinn fitness options

Indoor Cycling

Schwinn has its own line of indoor cycling bikes. These bikes come in (3) different models. Each bike offers some of the standard features you would expect from an indoor cycling model in today’s marketplace including an LCD screen, adjustable resistance levels, and transport wheels. However, Schwinn steps it up considerably with its highest-priced IC4 model by giving it connectivity to training apps. This model is designed to work alongside some of the more popular connected fitness apps including Peloton, Explore The World, and Zwift.


Schwinn has its own line of Airdyne bikes that offer unique operations. These bikes utilize infinite levels of air resistance and they have a belt drive along with a high strength fan for their drive system. These bikes also come with an LCD screen equipped.

Upright Bikes

Schwinn offers upright bikes for those who would rather have an upright bike. They have (2) different models of upright bikes and each bike is available at an affordable cost. These bikes feature 20 to 25 levels of magnetic resistance and have a drive system that utilizes a weighted flywheel. These bikes do come with LCD screens but they are lower quality than the ones featured in the more expensive bikes.

The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike, which is the more expensive of the two, features built-in performance tracking through the use of the Explore the World app.

With the lower-priced model, you are limited to the built-in goal tracker.

Recumbent Bikes

Schwinn offers (2) different models of their recumbent bike series. These bikes utilize the same drive system and the same levels of resistance as their upright bikes. Likewise, they feature the same LCD window system found in them, as well. With the more expensive model (270 Recumbent Bike) you get performance tracking with compatibility with the Explore the World app. The lower-priced model has a built-in goal tracker.


Schwinn offers (3) models of treadmills and they do a good job of packing them with practical and important features. For one, even the lowest priced treadmill offers as many as 16 built-in workouts. Whereas, the highest-priced model tops out at 26 workouts.

The lower end treadmill is capable of going from 0-10 MPH whereas the higher-end model is capable of going from 0-12 MPH. Both the lower end model and the higher-end model are capable of connecting to the Explore the World app for performance tracking which can be very convenient.

Each treadmill comes with a single back-lit LCD with the exception of the higher-end model which features dual back-lit LCD screens which means you can cover a single screen while tracking simultaneously.


Schwinn sells (3) models of their elliptical series. Each one offers good value for the money with the lowest priced model having 16 levels of resistance and 13 built-in workout programs.

The higher-end elliptical features 25 resistance levels and a total of 29 built-in workouts. The lower end model cuts cost by only featuring an easy to read high contrast LCD. Whereas, the mid-tier and the high-end model feature Schwinn’s DualTrack 2 LCD window system for even more comprehensive readouts.

The lower tier and the higher tier model are capable of connecting with the Explore the World app for convenient fitness tracking.


Schwinn offers its own rowing machine which is extremely affordable compared to some competing brands. The rower has a large LCD for tracking workouts and it features as many as 10 resistance levels. It offers easy transport wheels and good built-quality with steel rails.

The pedal system is oversized as well as the seat for easy use and for ample leverage.

Sunny Health and Fitness Options

sunny health and fitness options


Sunny Health and Fitness offer a range of bikes to consider. You can choose from indoor cycling bikes, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, motion air bikes, and even under the desk varieties. In total, they have 69 different models of bikes.

Indoor Cycling

They have a variety of models of indoor cycling bikes to choose from. One of the standouts is the Synergy Pro Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike.

This indoor cycling bike features a performance monitor, 40-pound flywheel, and caged pedals. While it doesn’t come with an LCD screen, you can utilize the device holder that is built-in to use your own. The bike also offers good adjustability in both the seat and handlebar configuration. Another standout is the Evolution Pro II Magnetic Indoor Cycling bike. This bike features a 40-pound flywheel with magnetic tension and caged pedals.

It also comes with magnetic resistance which is smooth as butter. The bike even has a built-in pulse sensor for good bio-metric readings during your workouts.

Recumbent Bikes

They have a total of 15 different recumbent bikes. One of the standout recumbent bike models offered is a powerhouse – literally. The Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike, Self-Powered Cycling bike features everything you could possibly want in a recumbent bike.

It has a digital monitor, pulse sensors, and a comfortable seat. Along with this, it’ self-powered meaning you don’t need any cords or batteries for it. While it’s a rather large machine, it is a good one that performs exceptionally well and that has a lot of features. Another standout model would be their EVO-FIT Cardio Recumbent Bike.

This is a great model that offers a lot of what you would be looking for in a modern bike including a performance monitor, a wide and comfortable seat, Bluetooth compatibility, a USB charging port, and a durable frame with magnetic resistance.

It also has built-in pulse sensors and dual device holder compatibility for easy viewing of content while you are biking.

Upright Bikes

Sunny Health and Fitness have as many as 15 models of upright bikes. The clear standout model is the EVO-FIT Stationary Upright Bike which features 24 magnetic resistance levels, a performance monitor, built-in Bluetooth and USB, a fully integrated fan, good adjust-ability, pulse sensors, and transportation wheels.


They have 35 different treadmills available to choose from. One of the standout models is the Electric Treadmill with Manual Incline and USB Charging. This treadmill has 3 manual incline levels and can get up to 7.5 MPH. It’s a good value for its price and it comes with quick speed buttons you can use, pulse monitors, a digital monitor, and a compact deck with a foldable design.


Sunny Health and Fitness have as many as 26 different rowers to choose from. Even more than that, they offer water rowing machines, magnetic rowing machines, and dual machines. You will find just about every type of rowing machine you might be considering. One of their standouts is their Carbon Premium Air Magnetic Rowing Machine. This machine features premium build-quality with a metallic blade fan wheel and 16-levels of adjustable resistance.

The Rest

Sunny Health and Fitness also offer a range of other products including steppers which are compact, strength equipment including barbells, dumbbells, kettle-bells, and even squat machines.

See all Sunny Health and Fitness options at their website.

Verdict: What’s the Better Fitness Option?

Reasons to Consider Schwinn

1. Streamlined Lines

Unlike Sunny Health and Fitness, you won’t find yourself having to sort through 10-20 machines per category. Instead, Schwinn cut down and streamlined their offerings to make it much easier and more manageable to choose. Likewise, you can find clear differences in each model which can make it easier to find the right one.

2. More Connectivity

Schwinn has been much better at packing in more connectivity into their exercise equipment which is a major benefit.

What Might Push Someone from Schwinn to Sunny?

1. Less Choice

At least as far as rowers are concerned. Sunny Health and Fitness have Schwinn beat because you have more options to choose from in terms of the type of rower-machine available.

Reasons to Consider Sunny

1. More Options

Sunny Health and Fitness offer a range of products in each category which means you should be able to find a good fit for your needs at your respective price range. More choices give you more options.

2. Very Affordable

Sunny Health and Fitness offer some of the most affordable home workout equipment you will find anywhere.

Reasons You May Consider Schwinn Over Sunn

1. Hard To Find Equipment With Everything

Because they have so many different models to choose from, it can be very difficult finding the right one that has everything you want in a piece of workout equipment.

2. Limited Connectivity

You are really not going to find a lot of connectivity with Sunny Health and Fitness products. While the SF-B1002 does offer connectivity with the Peloton app, it’s only a single model in their lineup. In today’s digital age, that simply might not cut it for a lot of people.

Schwinn IC4 vs Sunny SF-B1002

Schwinn IC4

The Schwinn IC4 features smooth magnetic resistance, a full-color backlit LCD display with a built-in media rack. It also has built-in dumbbells and a USB charging station. It’s designed to work with not only the Peloton app but also Swift and Explore the World app.

Sunny SF-B1002

The SF-B1002 has a 49-pound flywheel with micro-adjustable resistance. It does offer caged pedals and an adjustable seat. The bike is also designed to work with the Peloton app which can offer significant cost savings over a Peloton bike.

Winner: The Schwinn IC4 beats out the SF-B1002. It simply has better resistance, more connectivity options, an actual display, better feature integration, and better build quality. While the SF-B1002 offers great value in itself, you are not going to get the same kind of value that you will get out of the Schwinn.

Workout Battle: Any Live or On-Demand Workout Options?


With Schwinn, the IC4 bike is compatible with Peloton, Zwift, and Explore the World. This will give users access to both live and on-demand classes. More so, a lot of Schwinn’s products can be used with the Explore the World app for fitness tracking which offers further connectivity possibilities.

Sunny Health and Fitness

The SF-B1002 is compatible with the Peloton app which gives it access to live and on-demand classes.

Winner: Schwinn. Schwinn offers better connectivity throughout its entire lineup of workout equipment.

Learn more and see all Schwinn workout options.

Price Comparison: Is Sunny or Schwinn More Affordable?

Both of these brands are extremely budget-friendly. You will be able to find a lot of good budget-friendly models in virtually every category. The edge has to be given to Schwinn because they pair budget-friendly models with much more value. When you are buying Sunny Health and Fitness and their budget models, you know why they are cheaper. With Schwinn, you can’t tell where they are cutting costs.

Summary: How to Decide if Schwinn or Sunny is Best for You

Each of these brands has a lot to offer when it comes to affordable and value-packed workout equipment. While Sunny Health and Fitness has its fair share of quality products and good value, Schwinn is the winner.

Schwinn not only streamlines their workout equipment to make it easy to know what you are getting with each model, but they also happen to pack in a lot more value into each piece of equipment.

The ability to use more connected workout apps is a major advantage. Schwinn excels in the budget category which is why they would be our recommendation.

You should get Schwinn if…

  • You want the most value for your money
  • You want more connectivity options

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